BC Seal 90/Combi

Permitted Configuration
• Electric cables and lines of all types (except waveguide cable)
• Tightly tied-up cable bundle up to Ø 100 mm (single cable no greater than 20 mm)
• Fibre optic cable
• Cable supporting structures made from steel, aluminium, plastic
• Non-combustible pipe conduits made from steel, stainless steel and cast iron up to Ø 168.3 mm; copper up to Ø 88.9 mm
• Combustible pipe conduits made from plastic (standard commercial B1 and B2 qualities) up to DN 160
• Individual lines made from steel or plastic pipes for Control purposes up to max. 15 mm
• Pipe insulation made from combustible synthetic rubber and PVC-sheathed multicore tubes

Areas of application

In all fire protection-classified

• walls (masonry | concrete | aerated concrete min. 100 mm)

max. seal dimensions: 1200 x 2000 mm (WxH)

• Lightweight partition wall (min. 100 mm)

max. seal dimensions: 1250 x 1700 mm (WxH)

• Ceilings (concrete | aerated concrete min. 150 mm)

max. seal dimensions: ∞ x 1500 mm (LxW)

Special benefits

Special Benefits
• Coating may be sprayed, brushed or spread with spatula
• No drops, clean working
• Easy installation and retrofitting
• Also approved for lightweight partition walls
• Short coating lengths for installations (200 mm)
• Seal width only 2 x 50 mm
• Interstices in the double panel seal do not require coating
• High flexibility
• It is possible to feed pipes with synthetic rubber insulation (refrigerant lines)