BC Seal 90/UNO

Permitted Configuration
• Electric cable or required thickness and materials
• Fibre optic cable (but no waveguide cable)
• Tightly tied-up cable bundle up to Ø 100 mm (single cable no greater than 20 mm)
• Individual control cables made from steel or plastic pipes up to 15 mm
• Cable ducts, trays, ladders made from steel, aluminium or plastic profiles

Areas of application

Permitted configuration
• Electric cable max. Ø ∞ (excluding waveguide cable)
• Cable supporting structures
• Cable bundle up to max. Ø 100 mm with single cables inside Ø ≤ 20 mm
• Cables made from steel or plastic ≤ Ø 15 mm

Special benefits

Special Benefits
• Coating may be sprayed, brushed or spread with spatula
• No drops, clean working
• Easy installation and retrofitting
• Approved for lightweight partition walls
• Short coating lengths for installations (200 mm)
• Seal width only 1 x 80 mm