FLAMRO BK pillow seal S 90

Pillow seal for wall and floor/ceiling penetrations, designed for the protection of single and bunched electrical lines and cables (including optical fibre cables) – without restrictions imposed on each cable’s overall conductor cross-section – as well as of their supporting structures (cable troughs, trays and ladders) made of steel, aluminium or plastic. Also permitted for the protection of penetrating single steel and plastic pipes < 15 mm.

Areas of application

Permitted for installation in

  • Walls of at least 15 cm thickness made of masonry, concrete or autoclaved aerated concrete
  • Floors of at least 15 cm thickness made of concrete or autoclaved aerated concrete

Special benefits

  • High flexibility thanks to fast installation and removal of the seal assembly
  • Low seal thickness
  • Easy retrofitting
  • Insensitive to moisture
  • Reusable for on-site applications, suitable for temporary sealing requirements
  • No additional coating, sealing compound or packing material is required to fill cable interstices
  • Even in floor/ceiling penetration seals, the pillows are inserted horizontally instead of vertically
  • Dirt and noise-free installation
  • Impervious to smoke in accordance with DIN 4102, Part 9
  • Easy installation thanks to 4 different pillow sizes
  • Approved as a permanent firestop seal

Installation instructions

The pillows are designed for horizontal positioning in both wall and floor/ceiling applications. FLAMRO BK pillows consist of an outer membrane made of non-combustible glass-fibre tissue filled with non-combustible materials that will expand when exposed to heat, thus increasing pillow volume in the event of fire. Gaps between individual pillows, if any, are hence tightly sealed.

Floor penetrations require use of a steel wire grid (mesh size 50 x 50 mm, wire thickness 5 mm) in order to prevent the pillows from slipping out. Distance requirements: distance between individual cable layers as well as between the uppermost cable layer and the top inside surface of the through-penetration opening at least 50 mm, distance from the lateral inside surfaces of the opening 0 mm, distance from the bottom inside surface of the opening at least 10 mm.

The cable penetration seal must be permanently labelled by the installation company. The identification label, which is available from FLAMRO Brandschutz-Systeme GmbH, has to be affixed next to the penetration seal.


Retrofitting is easy and economical because the pillows are reusable so that they can be removed and then inserted again. FLAMRO pillow seals are also an ideal interim solution during the construction phase, and they are the solution of choice for environments with frequent retrofitting needs.