FLAMRO BS-1 panel seal EI 60 / EI 120

Panel seal (soft seal) for wall and floor/ceiling penetrations, designed for the protection of both single and bunched electrical lines and cables (including optical fibre cables) – without restrictions imposed on each cable’s overall conductor cross-section – as well as of their supporting structures (cable troughs, trays and ladders) made of steel, aluminium or plastics.

Areas of application

In all fire-rated

  • walls (masonry |  concrete | autoclaved aerated concrete | lightweight partitions ≥ 100 mm)
    max. seal size: H = 200 cm, B  = 100 cm
  • floors/ceilings (concrete or autoclaved aerated concrete ≥ 150 mm)
    max. seal size: W = 60 cm, L  =  ∞

Special benefits

  • The coating can be applied by spraying, brushing or trowelling
  • No dripping, clean work area
  • Easy installation and retrofitting
  • Approved for lightweight partitions
  • Outside the seal area, cable coating is required over a length of only 20 cm for wall applications and over a length of 15 cm for floor/ceiling applications
  • Coatable with aqueous emulsion paint
  • The seal is suitable for installation in both vacuum and pressurised chambers
  • Coating overlap with the building component is not required
  • Installation can be accomplished from one side because the adjacent building component does not require coating
  • The material is resistant to moisture and UV rays

Installation instructions

In the first step, close the opening of the building component on one side with panel FLAMRO BS-1. Bond the panel tightly into place using FLAMRO BMS. Any spaces between the panel edges and the inside surfaces of the through-penetration opening, any spaces between the panel and fitting pieces, as well as any spaces between the panel and penetrating cables must also be daubed and thus sealed with FLAMRO BMS.

Distance requirements are as follows: distance between individual cable layers 50 mm, distance between the uppermost cable layer and the top inside surface of the through-penetration opening at least  60 mm; distance from the lateral inside surfaces and from the bottom inside surface of the opening  ≥ 0 mm.
For wall installation, the cables and cable supporting structures must be coated with FLAMRO BMA on both external sides of the seal – over a length of only 20 cm outside the seal area and with a decreasing thickness from 3 to 1 mm, whereas for floor/ceiling installation, the cables and their supporting structures must be coated with FLAMRO BMA over a length of 15 cm each, also with a decreasing thickness from 3 to 1 mm.

The cable penetration seal must be permanently labelled by the installation company. The identification label, which is available from FLAMRO Brandschutz-Systeme GmbH, has to be affixed to the building component next to the seal.


Retrofitting is easy and safe! Just seal any remaining gaps with FLAMRO BMS or FLAMRO BMK and paint over with FLAMRO BMA.