FLAMRO BSB-K combi seal EN EI 90 / EI 120

Flexible combi seal for the sealing of cables and pipes consisting of the FLAMRO BSB-K fire protection bricks.

Approved for the following penetrants:

  • Single cables ≤ Ø 21 mm
  • Cable bundles ≤ Ø 100 mm
  • Cable trays
  • Sheathed cables ≤ Ø 80 mm
  • Core cables ≤ Ø 24 mm
  • Electrical installation pipes ≤ Ø 25 mm
  • Plastic pipes ≤ Ø 75 mm
  • Metal pipes ≤ Ø 54 mm

Areas of application

In all fire-rated

  • Walls (masonry | concrete | aerated concrete | flexible wall min. 100 mm) max. seal size: 600 x 600 mm (wxh)
  • Floors (masonry | concrete | aerated concrete min. 150 mm) max. seal size: 600 x 600 mm (wxh)
  • Seal thickness 160 mm

Special benefits

  • Low installation height of just 160 mm
  • Condensation and moisture resistant
  • Bricks must not be glued during installation
  • Resistant to aging
  • Bricks are flexible and after compressing they get back in original shape
  • Easy processing by cutting the fire bricks
  • No additional coating necessary
  • Dust and fiber-free processing
  • Smoke-tight
  • Highly flexible sealing system for different forms and requirements of sealings

Installation instructions

Before installation clean component opening and dedust. The bricks must be cut precisely and are to be installed with staggered joints so that the seal fits flush with the surrounding building component. Remaining gaps must be sealed with FLAMRO BSB-KL. According to the information concerning the attachements 2,4,6,8 and 9 of ETA-14/0307 must be partly installed with steel grids 50 x 50 x 4 mm. Horizontal distance between sole cable supporting structures at least 20 mm, vertical at least 80 mm, between the top cable layer and soffit at least 40 mm lateral to soffit at least 40 mm, between the lowest cable support structure and lower soffit at least 60 mm. The cable penetration seal must be permanently labelled by the installation company with a label which has to be affixed on the component next to the cable penetration seal. Identification labels are available from FLAMRO Brandschutz-System GmbH.


FLAMRO BSB-K blocks remain resilient even after curing which makes retrofitting possible without any problems. After retrofitting the annular space is to be closed with FLAMRO BSB-KL.