FLAMRO BSS foam seal S 90

Elastic firestop foam for wall and floor/ceiling penetrations, designed for the protection of single and bunched electrical lines and cables of all types with a cable diameter of up to 32 mm for fire rating S 90 (including optical fibre cables), as well as of their supporting structures (cable troughs, trays and ladders) made of steel, aluminium or plastics. Also permitted for the protection of penetrating single steel and plastic pipes < 15 mm.

Areas of application

Permitted for installation in walls of at least 10 cm thickness made of masonry, concrete or autoclaved aerated concrete, as well as in lightweight partitions of at least 10 cm and in floors/ceilings of at least 15 cm thickness made of concrete or autoclaved aerated concrete. Permissible seal size: max. 22 x 22 cm, diameter 22 cm (e.g. core holes).

Special benefits

  • No dripping during application
  • No additional seal coating required
  • Easy retrofitting because the foam remains soft and flexible
  • 180 g cartridges can be used with a standard caulking gun
  • Easy handling because the material is mechanically expelled
  • Any cut-off remainder can be used again
  • No waste of material, not even of initial beads
  • Dust and fibre-free installation
  • Highly flexible sealing system for different shapes and through-penetration requirements
  • Excellent yield when used at the appropriate temperature (23°C)
  • No additional reinforcement required with cable supporting structures

Installation instructions

The entire cartridge contents can be used: There is no waste of dispensed material, not even of initial beads. The wall or floor/ceiling opening must be cleaned and dusted prior to installation. Cable interstices must be sealed with FLAMRO BSS.

Distance requirements: distance between individual cable layers at least 35 mm; distance between the uppermost cable layer and the top inside surface of the through-penetration opening at least 15 mm; distance from the lateral inside surfaces and from the bottom inside surface of the opening 0 mm.

During cartridge preparation as well as during use of of the material, protective gloves, safety goggles and suitable work clothes must be worn (please refer to the safety data sheet for details).

All cable penetration seals must be permanently labelled by the installation company. The identification labels, which are available from FLAMRO Brandschutz-Systeme GmbH, have to be affixed next to the penetration seal.


FLAMRO BSS remains resilient after curing, which makes retrofitting very easy and convenient. An annular space of at least 1 cm must be provided and sealed with FLAMRO BSS.